Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Goodiebox May 2015

I have been a member of Goodie Box for three months (March, April, May).  So far I have found them to be the best subscription box service in both New Zealand and Australia.

Originally I had planned on posting my reviews in the correct order as any normal person would, but instead I have decided to go against common sense and write up my first review on the box in which I have just received.

Firstly let me say that May's box was in fact the worst box that I have received so far.  Although I do like the box, March and April's boxes were so much better.

The Theme this month was "The Essentials".

In all honesty I was slightly disappointed when I first open up May's box.  Although every product was full size it just didn't seem all to exciting.  Once I looked at all the products again and read their description I came to realize that I would use every product, there were two products included that I had really wanted to try for a long time and one product that really would change my life.

All received products and product descriptions below:

Sebamed Cleansing Bar $11.50
Sebamed soap-free clinical skin care products have been developed to simplify the skin care regimen of the most sensitive of skins by supporting your skin's natural healing ability and maintaining an ideal pH level of 5.5.  Sebamed products work to not only heal, but protect your skin from harmful environment ailments.  This cleansing bar can be used on both the face and body.

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Color Save Shampoo $9.00
Fall in love with every single wash.  This shampoo will give you lustrous smooth hair while restoring the colour.  Containing Amino Cell Rebuild technology ensures perfect care and protection for your hair, it will leave your locks with a luscious, iridescent shine.

Cosmetic Kitchen Cacao Clay Mask $24.95
Cacao is an antioxidant-filled super-food while clay is one of the best pore cleaners for natural beauties.  Hand-made with love, parabean free, cruelty free and vegan.  Mix one teaspoon with one teaspoon of olive oil and two teaspoons of water for the perfect pick me up.

GoodieBox NZ Mascara Applicator $3.00
This life-changing Mascara Applicator is a necessity if you wear make-up on a daily basis.  Protect your flawless makeup look from all mascara smudges...applying mascara is going to be too easy!  Simply place the guide under your top lashes or bottom lashes and run mascara over top, vollia! Flawless lashes!

So Susan Flutter Mascara $32.00
This intense carbon-black mascara is formulated to help you achieve the darkest, curviest lashes possible, in just one coat.  The long brush with extra stiff bristles helps to separate lashes, enabling you to achieve instant volume.  You'll be loving the natural look in no time.  No mineral oils ad hypoallergenic, this mascara is guaranteed to protect the sensitive skin on your lids.

Manhattan High Shine Lip Gloss $17.00
Give your lips the love and protection they deserve.  This lip gloss will give you seductively shiny lips with a flush of color while keeping them beautifully plump.  Be sure to keep this in your purse for the uptown winter look.

I was very happy to receive the raw cacao mask from Cosmetic Kitchen and the So Susan Flutter mascara as I have been wanting to try out these products for a while now.  I have tried the mascara and I did not like it at all.  It does not do anything for my lashes and I find it smudges really bad.

I actually really love the lip gloss it applies beautiful and is lovely and pigmented.  The colour suits me nicely and I am pleasantly surprised by this product.

I am somebody that cannot apply mascara neatly even if my life depended on it.  This cheap and odd looking little device is brilliant.  No more do I have mascara all over the top of my eye lips - it is awesome!  I never knew something so simple would become a staple, must have item for me.  It's cool as it is basically a reusable eye shadow shield.

The shampoo is cool, although it would have been nice if they included a conditioner.  As for the cleansing bar it has a very fresh, clean smell which I kinda like.  I find it really lovely on my dry sensitive skin and am always looking for products that don't aggravate my skin so this was a cool product to receive as it is not something that I would have bought on my own accord.

I may do single reviews on each of these products in the future.

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